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Capacity (Kg/LOT) 600 600
Type FEB-600(Hydrocarbon) C104(Vaccum)
Use Pre-cleaning and after-cleaning of products

Hydrocarbon is a chemical compound of carbon and hydrogen as it says, and many hydrocarbon cleaners are not made by distillation or refinement of crude oil but make by high-level refinement processing or chemical synthesis.
Hydrocarbon cleaners are divided into four types: Normal-Paraffin, Iso-Paraffin, Naphthene, and Aromatic type. Features are less corrosive against metals, reuseable, relatively cheap and economical, and they have high degreasing capacity.
Hydrocarbon cleaners made by refining crude oil are very compatible with press oil and cutting oil, and cleaning capability against pollution of these oils are equal to or higher than 1,1,1,-trichloroethane. Therefore, they are in much use for cleaning of metal machining.

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